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/ 15 January 2018


In a high stakes environment, it is important that your business leaders, managers and influencers are at the top of their game. You spend lots of money employing the best people, but what if those people aren't working to their full potential? Our aim is to make the best people even better by working with them to maximise their resilience, focus, energy and capacity, whilst at the same time equipping them with effective lifestyle and stress management strategies. This programme is ideal for relatively small groups like a senior leadership team or a focussed project team.


Enabling people to realise their true potential means getting them on the right track both physically and mentally, and while the office isn't the ideal space to deliver active personal training sessions, it is the ideal place to understand an executive's needs. Motus will evaluate their all-round health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle, conduct a BioSignature Modulation assessment and from all this information create a bespoke exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programme that boosts energy levels, productivity and performance, all while reducing stress and protecting health.

Between personal well being coaching sessions we analyse data and measure results to track each individual's progress, establish value for the business and allow us to challenge attitudes and behaviours that might be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of the individual whilst providing ongoing accountability and support.


It sounds “cliched” but encouraging people to be the best version of themselves often requires self reflection and a willingness to change. For us, personal performance coaching begins by identifying achievable and impactful personal and business orientated goals and working with the individual to establish a realistic roadmap to achieve them.

It is a truly collaborative process that relies on building a trusted relationship, honestly appraising life blocks and hurdles and accepting that change is required in order to clear the path to move forwards. It is about understanding the challenge and agreeing a plan that helps people gain clarity, make decisions and take action to being a more productive, energised and healthy individual.

“In a corporate environment personal performance coaching is about helping employees focus their minds and bodies to realise their true potential. By going back to basics and re-establishing an individual's purpose and drivers in all areas of life we can enable them to gain clarity, direction, make better decisions and realise their path to achieving more.”

(Meriel Swain - Transformational Coach, Motus)


Every programme of transformation requires total commitment from both the business and the individual. We have created a system to ensure that when an employee signs up to our programmes, that they do so with the full support of the business and their line manager so they are set up to succeed.

Once enrolled a participant will begin by answering a simple online questionnaire, which we analyse to create a personal profile that begins to inform their bespoke personal wellbeing strategy.

Following this questionnaire we meet with the employee in person to understand them a little more before working on goal setting and agreeing an implementation plan. We then book in phased appointments to ensure that there is an assured level of commitment, accountability and support. During these consultations results will be grouped, desensitised and presented to key stakeholders so they can be set against business K.P.I's to track the success and value of the programme.

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