Client Testimonial (Meriel)

ao / 23 April 2014

"I have been working with Darren for about eight months now as a BioSignature client and the impact on my body and mind has been incredible. I have been fat all my life and been on a diet all my life. I am no longer on a diet - and this is the biggest change that Darren has enabled me to make. There is excellent nutritional advice, some fantastic myth-blasting, a good injection of science, and tremendous practical support. There is no judgement. And then, of course, there is the personal training, designed to keep pushing me, but always within my capability. In eight months, my weight has dropped steadily, my shape is changing, and I have developed new habits which have stuck. I have not been able to achieve this with any diet or regime in the past. And I don't think about my work with Darren as a regime. I think of it as self-development. And this is absolutely down to his warmth and authenticity, and his ability to motivate and support me. He is passionate about helping people to feel and be the best that they can be. If you really want to change the way you look and feel, and to have a laugh along the way, talk to Darren Putt."

This morning I ordered a couple of tops from Boden - a new shop for me and somewhere I've not been able to buy things from until now. So exciting.

Meriel Swain


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